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why we choose flat botttom pouch

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Update time : 2018-03-30 14:54:29
Flat bottom pouches reduce the need of cartons. The most important is that many people buy the actual product and then they buy cartons to store the product. The design of flat bottom pouches reduces the overall cost as you won’t have to buy cartons. Flat bottom pouch is environmental and reusable. It bring you convenient life style and save your time and money. According to the study, in one country, the need of cartons is gradually less. Because government and many business appeal to using reusable products.
1.Secure and stable:
This type of packaging is extremely suitable for supermarket shelves as they take less space and look great. The overall presentation of flat bottom pouches on a supermarket shelf looks ravishing.
2.Good for branding:
The space on the packaging allows space for you to advertise your product and give all the relevant information on the package.
Flat bottom pouches provide ultimate protection from all sorts of dust particles and allow your food to remain fresh. Food products should be kept in a very clean and healthy environment and flat bottom pouches are an excellent source.