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Function Classification

Antistatic bag

Item No.: 17
Application: PC board, Hard Disk, Electronic Component, etc.
Main Characteristics: Excellent Moisture Barrier, Anti-static.
Structures: PET/AL/anti-static PE, PET/anti-static PE
PET/NY/anti-static PE, BOPP/anti-static PE.
- The ESD moisture barrier bag/film is designed to provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices.
- With a stronger polyester or nylon layer helps to prevent sharp edges or angles from puncturing The bag.
- Bags are heat sealable and suitable for vacuum packaging.
- Folding, stapling or puncturing.
- Materials are available for rolls, bags, sheets or tubing.
- Other material structures are also provided as per customers specification.
- Date and lot coded for traceability.

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