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High Barrier Liquid Bag

Item No.: 16
Application: Milk, Water, Detergent, Juice, etc.
Main Characteristics: Excellent Moisture Barrier, Aroma Retention, Tough, High-Barrier.
Structures: NY/EVOH-PE, PET/NY/EVOH-PE,SiO2/PE, Aluminium oxide PET(ALOx PET)/PE, KPET (PVDC coated PET)/PE…
High barrier pouches have a good barrier of oxygen and moisture, it can extend the shelf life of the products and keep the fragrance of the products for a long time. Good film transparency can better display your products. The following materials are with a high barrier.

    KPET (PVDC coated PET)

Our high-barrier bags have good performance, widely used in food packaging more and more now.EVOH high-barrier bags are also suitable for other food products among perishable items from various industries including,

    Fish packaging
    Cheese packaging
    Meat packaging
    Salmon packaging
    Chicken packaging
    Prawns packaging
    Squid packaging
    Shrimps packaging

We add Euro slot and cut-out handles with our vacuum bags to ensure comfortable handling. We also add other features to the bags that include re-sealable zipper and hanging holes, and our bags are puncture resistant.

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