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Laminated Rollstock Film

Item No.: 24
Application: Food, Chemical Products, etc.
Features: In roll sock film, low shipping cost, Non-breakage, Non-delamination.Used on an automatic filling machine.
Suggestion for Structures: PET/PE, OPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE, Matt-BOPP/AL/PE…
We can make different packaging film in different combinations as per customer specifications.

We can use materials to make packaging film such as metalized lamination, aluminum foil, BOPA/ NYLON film, ALOX film, SIOX film, Polyester, BOPP, metalized polyester, CPP, heat sealable BOPP, matt finish Bopp, brown kraft paper, poster paper, white glassine paper etc.

We have capacity to make the packaging film in multi film laminates where different property of film gets to gather in lamination so the product packed inside gets very good desired shelf life.

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