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Pet Food Pouch

Item No.: 08
Application: All Types Of Pet Food.
Features: Safe,  Easy to Use, Easy to Manage, Reclosable.
Excellent Moisture Barrier.
Material Structures: NY/AL/PET/PE, NY/ VMPET/PE…

There are many styles of pet food bags available like stand up pouch, side gusset bags, quad sealed bags, flat bottom pouches.

We can fix the zipper, hang hole, tear notch in any size of bags. Please let us know if you require window or foil lining in pet food packaging.

Before deciding the size please check the bags physically by filling inside pet food so we can check the perfect size required.

Pet food packing is very critical to pack. We need to select the right material for the product so we can extend the shelf life of the pet food. We can help in deciding the best material suitable to pack pet food.

We can make dog food packaging up to 10 kilograms or even more. After filling dog food inside the bags please make sure about sealing the bag. The bag sealing should be perfect after filling inside.

Good sealing can be done by taking into consideration of precise pressure, right temperature and right sealing time.

We also can make foil laminated, window, matt finish, brown kraft paper and tin tie bags for pet food packaging.

Welcome to contact us, let's talk details.

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