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Retort Pouch

Item No.: 14
Application: All types of food.
Features: Excellent Moisture Barrier, Aroma Retention, High Temperature Resistance.
Material Structures: PET/CPP, PET/AL/NY/CPP, PET/AL/PET/CPP...
Retort pouches are the ultimate alternative to canned packaging and rigid packaging. The demand for retort pouches or sterilized bags is pretty high in the market due to its barrier properties, incredible strength, and temperature tolerance. The retort packaging is aseptic packaging is compact and flexible as compared to conventional jars and cans. Our high-quality retort pouches are very flexible packaging solution for processed food and other ready to eat
meals including

    Frozen food packaging report pouch
    Organic food packaging
    Soup packaging
    Pet food packaging
    Pre-cooked meals packaging

We provide metalized or aluminum foil retort pouches, which provide a long shelf life of the products. These pouches are highly attractive to consumers because of their food preserving feature. You are able to choose from our stock retort bags or customized retort bag options. We also provide shiny, glossy and matt finish retort pouches. We include various plastic films with our microwave plastic bags including


These materials provide high durability, puncture resistance and strength of the bags. Because of the convenience of their unique form, retort bags are very easily stored and transported. So they are packaging friendly.

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