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Zipper Pouch

Side Gusset Quad Seal Bag

Item No.: 26
Application: Coffee, Tea and Pet Foods ect.
Features: Easy to Use, Easy to Manage, Good Shelf Display, Reclosable.
Suggestion for Structures: PET/NY/PE, PET/AL/PE, Matt-BOPP/AL/PE...
Side gusset bags are one of the old style packaging bag. These bags are mainly used by a different industry professional like pharma, food, fertilizer, non-food, bakery, dog food, coffee, tea etc.

Side gusset bag comes with one side open mouth. So the customer can fill the product from the open side of the bag and seal them after filling. The bag has a gusset on the left and right side and there is a seal on the bottom of the bag.
Side gusset bags needs K seal on the bottom of the seal because k seal helps bag to stand as it makes the bottom flat. K seal also gives strength to the bottom seal so in drop test the bag does not get burst if proper k seal is applied.

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