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Spout Pouch

Special Shaped Spout Pouch

Item No.: 27
Application: Baby Food, Juice, Milk, etc.
Features: Easy to Use, Easy to Handle, Charming in Different Shape. Excellent Moisture Barrier, Good oxygen resistance.
Suggestion for Structures:PET/NY/EVOH-PE, PET/NY/AL/PE, PET/NY/PE…
Tin cans are a thing of the past and glass jars use around 70% more raw materials than the pouch.
Pouches can be microwaved for a convenient way to heat the contents and the spout provides a most convenient way to decant the contents from the pouch.
Currently, we supply pouches for both hot fill and retortable applications depending on our customer’s requirements.
We also have a wide range of laminate structures available depending on the application. 
Our high-quality graphics and up to 10 color gravure printing provide our customers with a real competitive edge over many of their competitor's.
All the pouches we supply conform to both EU and FDA food contact regulations.

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