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Bag Style Classification

Stand Up Bag

Item No.: 10
Application: Food, Detergent, Daily Cosmetics, Medicine, etc.
Features: Easy to Use, Easy to Manage, Re-sealable, Low Cost.
Material Structures: PET/PE, OPP/PET, PET/AL/PE, Matt-BOPP/AL/PE…
This style of a pouch is commonly known as a Doypack or SUP (stand up pouch) and it's a default option when a pack was required to be displayed standing up on the supermarket shelf.

They can be filled on high speed automatic filling machines down to hand filling depending on the nature of the product being filled. They come in a wide range of sizes and can be used for pack weights of a few grams up to 10 or 15 kilos depending on the product density. Available in a wide range of structures these versatile pouches are suitable for packing a wide range of products. 

Stand up bag can be made in foil, metalized, paper, with different barrier performances.  For some of the customers who are packing coffee, tea, spices, herbs and others, smell barrier pouches are required. So our foil metalized barrier pouches are having aroma retention or gas barrier properties very high. By filling products in these pouches the smell of the product is locked and so when the pouches are opened by the customer,  the same fresh smell is always there for the customer as if the product is packed recently.

Stand up pouch comes with different style on the bottom. Like round bottom, k seal bottom or plow bottom with no seal just fold, k seal with a bottom seal.

We have different zipper options available like traditional press seal zipper. This traditional zipper is available from 8 mm to 22 mm in thickness which can be fitted in any stand-up pouch. We also have many different zippers available. For more information please contact our sales team.

We have different hanging options for stand up pouches available like Euro slot, Sombrero hang hole, round hole punch, butterfly style punch, die cut handle
So we can make stand up pouch with zipper and die cut handle where the customer can lift the pouches from the handle which is above the zip.

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