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Bag Style Classification

Three Sizes Seal Bag

Item No.: 13
Application: Coffee, Tea and Pet Food, Mask, Medicine, etc.
Features: Easy to Use, Easy to Seal, Good Shelf Display, Low cost.
Material Structures: PET/NY/PE, PET/AL/PE,  Matt-BOPP/AL/PE…
The meaning of three side seal bags is all the three side of the bags are sealed with equal measurement in sealing. One side of the bag will be kept open in three side seal bag by the manufacturer of the bag. So the customer can fill their product from where the open side is and seal the bag again after the product is packed with the help of heat sealer.

We can make 3 side seal bags with a zipper or without a zipper. In this style of bags we can have many different hanging options like round hole punch, euro slot, sombrero style hanging option, butterfly punch, die cut handle for lifting the bags.

Three side seal bags can be manufactured in different sizes like very small sachet and we can also make 25 kgs big size bags. So this bags can virtually be manufacture in small and big sizes.

We can use these bags to pack pharmaceutical products, tea bags, coffee pods, coffee capsules, organic powders, spices, herbs, pet food, flour, sugar, salt, pesticides, biscuits, tobacco, cereals, cosmetics, chocolates, fish, seafood etc.

Three side seal bags can be made from many different materials. We have to choose materials depending on the product to be packed. We can help in choosing the material selection after the understanding required of the customer.

We can make 3 side seal bags with a combination like window bags or transparent bags, brown paper, white paper, foil metalized laminates, high barrier packaging like evoh, nylon can be used.

Please call us for your requirements so we can suggest the best possible product for you.

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